søndag 7. september 2008

Good night

Audience was a bit unsure about how to handle the wall of anger from KS this early evning but i think everyone was happy with the show
And had a good time!

Ah! The show is over


I had some problems blogging in Netherlands, but we got here fine, a little tired maybe since we had to be here early. We started 15! Now KS is about to go on..


Getting ready in Aalkmar.

lørdag 6. september 2008


Oouu disaster strikes! Karjalan s. Have to stop after 3 songs because of tecnical problems and loud argument between members of the band and audience! ... Othervise a great night for Northaunt, Visions and Svartsinn.

Svartsinn live in Antwerpen

With the best sound he probably ever had live, svartsinn does a great concert, massive and dark... 

Getting ready in Antwerpen

After a lot of trains and subways we finaly get ready for a quick soundcheck in
antwerpen. This place is huge!